Wednesday, May 07, 2008

More Olmert

I can't find its Arabic equivalent, but the al-Jazeera story attributing to Israeli government sources the information that Olmert may temporarily suspend himself is here. It doesn't seem any different that some of the anonymous speculation found in the Israeli media itself, except for the claim that the allegations against Olmert were originally pushed by right-wing allies from his days as mayor now dismayed over the peace process. The Associated Press, has more information about Morris Talansky:
"Talansky, a former trustee of Yeshiva University who has made charitable donations to a variety of Jewish charities, is CEO of Global Resources Group, a financial investment firm that he operates out of his multimillion-dollar Long Island mansion.

"Talansky is also the U.S. contact for the New Jerusalem Foundation, an organization founded by Olmert while he was Jerusalem's mayor. It took some heat in 1999 when it raised $4.5 million before it registered as a nonprofit organization and opened its books to the public.

"Its stated goal is to support educational, cultural, social welfare and beautification projects throughout Jerusalem."



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