Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Levy on Obama

I haven't had time to read Barack Obama's big Foreign Affairs article yet, but the excellent Middle East expert Daniel Levy likes it:
"Barak Obama has a big-picture foreign policy piece in this month's Foreign Affairs, building on his1 Chicago Council on Global Affairs speech of April 23. When it comes to the Middle East Obama has an encouraging message, especially for those of us who dwell on the region. It is still short on detail, but he is thoughtfully staking out a position that is beginning to build a sound intellectual edifice that confronts the Neocons. And he is overcoming some of the timidity that has characterized Democrat Middle East musings since 9/11.

"The thrust of the Obama Weltenschaung is a healthy internationalism that not only rejects the temptation to go isolationist after the Iraq debacle, but also seeks to seize anew a foundation for American leadership that is diplomatic and moral rather than exclusively military."

He later draws at least one connection between Obama and Bill Richardson. It's good to see the candidate I support sounding like the one I have the most confidence in on foreign policy issues.



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