Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Back to Russia

I didn't see this coming:
"Former Prime Minister Feliks Kulov, the leader of For a Worthy Future, told reporters, 'A union with Russia will preserve the unity of Kyrgyzstan and its people, who have been split by the government's silly steps into the north and the south.' Kulov said that if parliament does not take up the plan for a confederation with Russia, activists will work for a referendum to dissolve the legislature, news agency 24.kg reported. 'We give the country's leadership until autumn. By that time, the collection of signatures in support of a confederation with Russia will be completed, and we will wait for the authorities' reaction,' Kulov said. 'And following the collection of 300,000 signatures, we will put three questions to a referendum, specifically the creation of a union with Russia; an early presidential election; and the parliament's dissolution and a new parliamentary election.'"



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