Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Today was definitely a productive day at work, as I figured out our basic situation with next year's lecture series, cleaned a bunch of junk out of the office, got the new computer set up and all the software installed onto it, and assembled the new HP combination color printer/scanner/copier/FAX machine. Unfortunately, I have been unable to complete the installation of the HP because I can't find the USB cable, which I need to connect it to the computer. I thought maybe I'd mistaken it for a twistie-tie and even searched the trash, but it wasn't there. So that project is now delayed until tomorrow. Then I can start making a spiffy new poster for our fall lectures (featuring Roxanne Euben, Jonathan Berkey, Farian Sabahi, and Brinkley Messick) and get it to the printer for distribution before the end of the month.

I've also realized I have just over a month left before that period of homelessness between the end of my current housing contract and the start of my fall one. I've decided to cart as many books as I can to the Middle East Studies office and then see from the remainder if I need to pay for storage somewhere or if I can pull off a combination of just taking everything home and begging corners off people I know who have houses. How the summer flies...

Incidentally, I have now added to the blogroll Crooked Timber and Crescat Sententia, both of which have remarkably cool names as well as interesting content.


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