Saturday, March 19, 2005

Two Votes Away

If Kuwait has a Josh Lyman, he's almost home:
"Al Rai Al Aam daily quoted government sources as saying four more MPs agreed to support the Bill and the government is in the process of securing the support of two more to complete the needed majority.

"In the meantime, parliament's interior and defence committee has set March 26 to discuss the women's Bill in addition to two more election reform Bills that will lower the voting age to 18 and grant voting rights to 50,000 servicemen in the defence and interior ministries.

"After completing its report on the issue, a special parliamentary session will be held to debate it. The session is expected to be held in April."

Contrary to this person's opinion, this has nothing to do with Iraq, and it's been the key issue in Kuwaiti politics since the 1990's. In fact, aside from the whole brutal dictator thing Saddam had going on, women had full rights under the Ba'athist regime.


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