Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Arab Media in Iraq

RFE-RL today has a questionable story called "Arab Media Contribute to Instability in Iraq." Using as a hook the al-Ghad incident, in which a Jordanian daily paper falsely claimed a Jordanian family was celebrating the al-Hilla bombing and Iraqis protested. They then launch into repeated claims that al-Jazeera's "inaccurate" reporting fuel the insurgency, seeming to claim that Abu Musab Zarqawi is in Iraq because of the Arab media coverage and that the Iraqi government is weak for not cracking down harder. At the root of my problem with the article is the underlying idea that the Arab media's framing of the issue is seen as the problem, and I question their assertions that al-Jazeera in particular has failed to cover political debate inside Iraq. I expect to see this on FOXNews, but it surprised me coming from RFE-RL like this.


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