Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Gezi Park Demands

Taksim Platform, a group which seems to have played an organizational role in Turkey's initial protests over the fate of Gezi Park, has issued a list of demands:
The demands included the dismissal of the governors of Istanbul; the capital, Ankara; and the city of Hatay; as well as the heads of the security forces in those three cities. The list also included the release of detained protesters; an end to the use of tear gas by the police; and the cancellation of the project that started the protests: the construction of an Ottoman-era replica that would destroy a park in Taksim Square in Istanbul.
As prioritized in that quote, the demands include the original one of cancelling the development project, but also actions against officials implicated in police brutality over the last week.  The demands also included an end to restrictions on demonstrations.

Prime Minister Erdogan himself has dug in and been contemptuous of the protestors, but other AKP figures have been more conciliatory.  They include President Abdullah Gul and Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, to whom these demands were presented.  Arinc is handling the situation in Turkey while Erdogan is overseas.



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