Saturday, May 25, 2013

Karaite Persecution

Israel's rabbinate is starting to persecute Karaites:
When is a Jew not a Jew? When he’s a Karaite. Or so says Israel’s chief rabbinate, which, after 65 years of relative harmony with an ancient Jewish sect, is reopening an old and bitter schism. In recent months, rabbis working for Israel’s ministry of religion have deemed Karaite marriages invalid, fined their butchers for claiming to be kosher, and demanded that Karaites marrying Orthodox Jewish women should convert, sometimes having to undergo tavila, or baptism. “We are already Jews,” protests Moshe Firrouz, a computer engineer who heads the Karaites’ Council of Sages. “The rabbinate is denying us our religious freedom.”
Karaites are Jews who reject the "Oral Torah," and base their faith on the Biblical text alone. In the long run, I'm dubious that Israeli society will allow this persecution to continue.

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