Friday, September 11, 2009

Yemen Crisis Intro

Yemen has quietly been slipping into a crisis, but I haven't commented on it much because its definitely one of my weak points. Brian O'Neill, however, has a good intro to the country's conflicts:
"Three separate crises—the newly intense Huthi rebellion in the north, an increasingly violent secession movement in the south, and the pervasive threat of the second generation of al-Qaeda—are tearing Yemen apart. Moreover, Yemen has to deal with these crises against the backdrop of a financial meltdown and a looming ecological catastrophe. It has become conventional wisdom that these three conflicts pose an existential threat to the nation; that, together, they could push Yemen from a fragile state to a completely failed one. This is true, but it also misses a key point: separately, and together, each uprising questions whether Yemen really exists as a modern, centralized state."

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