Saturday, June 20, 2009


If Larijani and Tavakkoli aren't just working for their own advantage, it seems likely that they were acting in support of Khamene'i's efforts to reposition himself above the fray, move Ahmadinejad off center stage, and make the battle about the system of government rather than the election.

That sets the stage for this.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to Nico Pitney, though, Larijani made a statement on state TV saying that a majority of the population believes the election to be fraudulent and that their opinion must be respected. If true, then he isn't backing Khamenei's move. In fact, between this statement and his earlier condemnation of the university raids, he sounds like he might be thinking about throwing Ahmedinejad under the bus to save the Islamic Republic.

I wish I knew what game he was playing - and, for that matter, where Rafsanjani is right now.

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