Friday, May 15, 2009

Satellite Election TV

Tomorrow is election day in Kuwait. I haven't followed the campaign at all, but found this fascinating:
"'The mushrooming spur of satellite stations that been established especially for this occasion is something unprecedented in the history of Kuwait. Currently, there are 16 private satellite stations in addition to four run by the government, which are all participating in the election campaign in a way or another, in addition to 15 daily newspapers that focus on the development of the election on a daily basis,' said Abdul Monem Al Sisy, political analyst and expert in parliamentarian affairs in Kuwait.

"He said the government trying hard to curb any violations. 'The government pledged to curb serious violations in the election and not tolerate any misuse of media or money in the election. The mission of the government seems impossible, because many of the channels, which are owned by political blocs, are already being accused of using unscrupulous tactics against their competitors, with no sign that the government is willing to interfere,' he said."

Here's a related news blip:
"The Ministry of Information has warned the Kuwaiti TV satellite channels against telecasting an election rally which was held in Adailiya by a candidate running for the May 2009 parliamentary elections from the Third Constituency, reports Al-Seyassah daily. It has been reported during the rally the candidate humiliated some tribes, political blocs and MPs."

Islamists and tribal candidates are expected to win tomorrow, forming the core of a Parliament just as if not more hostile to the government than the last.



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