Friday, August 01, 2008

Deportations from Kuwait

I may have spoken too hastily in chalking the recent strike in Kuwait up to a victory for the workers, as many are now being deported:
"Over the past few days more than 1000 Bangladeshis have been deported from Kuwait, officials at Dhaka airport told reporters, with hundreds more facing a similar fate.

"Nearly 170 Bangladesh workers returned home from Kuwait on Friday, complaining they had been beaten and expelled after taking part in a rare labour protest in the Gulf state...

"Some Bangladeshis returning on Friday said they had been beaten and kept in appalling conditions after being accused of taking part in the protests.

"'The army beat us mercilessly while breaking up the protest and also in detention camps,' said Mohammad Ilyas, 28, who started work in Kuwait three years ago after selling everything he owned and borrowing from relatives to afford the agent fees."

Deportations could be justified as a reaction to the violent aspects of the protest. I can't say anything for sure, though, without knowing more of the mentality on the ground.



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