Thursday, July 31, 2008

Strike in Kuwait

Kuwait's government has blamed employers for a recent three-day strike by guest workers:
"The Kuwait government has acknowledged that abuses by some employers were responsible for a strike by Asian workers and vowed to stamp out such violations, the official news agency Kuna reported on Thursday.

"'The most notable violations were delayed payments to workers, lack of suitable housing and pay deductions,' Kuna quoted Justice Minister Hussain Al Huraiti as saying...

"The government reached an agreement with the workers on Monday to end a three-day strike which turned violent when some workers overturned cars and ransacked offices before being dispersed by police.

"The strike in the country came against a backdrop of soaring inflation, which exceeded 11 per cent in April and May...

"Labour Minister Bader Al Duwaila said on Wednesday his ministry would recommend raising minimum monthly wages after the strikes to 40 dinars (about Dh555) from the current level which a business executive said was 30 dinars (about Dh416)."

There's been a definite increase in labor activism in the Gulf during the past few years, and its good to see workers potentially getting somewhere.



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