Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stargate Atlantis

After seeing several episodes, the most recent of which was the season two finale "Allies, Part One," I am officially a fan of Stargate Atlantis. The show does resemble Star Trek to a surprising degree, but so far it's been good Star Trek, and the current arc feels like a combination of TNG's "I, Borg" and Voyager's "Scorpion" that's more than the sum of those parts, featuring a cast that's as fun to watch on its own terms as that of Firefly or Babylon 5 in the days of Jason Carter's Marcus Cole and Patricia Tallman's Lyta Alexander. It actually occurred to me that a lot of the show is what the Star Trek prequel series might have looked like had the Enterprise creators not been set on recapturing lost TOS/TNG glory.



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