Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Land Day in Jaffa

I didn't make it to Jaffa's Land Day rally as I intended, but Imshin reports:
"My sources tell me that there were about 400 participants in the Land Day Demonstration in Yaffo on Friday. A large percentage of the demonstrators, between 150 to 200, depending on who you spoke to, were apparently Jewish radical lefties, 'You know - long hair, earrings, funny little beards…'...

"My sources’ estimate was that there were probably no more than fifty actual Arab demonstrators."

This tracks with the turnout at similar events I've seen and gotten word of. Israel these days has no mainstream left-wing activism to speak of. It sounds trite, but people simply don't see any realistic prospects for change of any kind on the national level, and so just go about their everyday lives as best they can.



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