Wednesday, April 02, 2008


At Daily Kos, DHinMI takes a look at a huge hole in Obama's electoral coalition:
"A question will be what happens in Appalachia. The afternoon of the Potomac primary I suggested keeping an eye on the results in the mountains of Virginia and Maryland as an indication of what might happen in later contests such as OH, KY, WV and PA. The results for Obama were dreadful. Despite his huge statewide win, in the Appalachian counties Clinton pulled as much as 80% of the vote. The same thing happened in Ohio, where Clinton racked up huge margins in Southeastern Ohio. Obama has lost to Clinton in every part of Appalachia that's voted, including northwestern Georgia, northern Alabama, northeastern Mississippi and eastern Tennessee.

"The polling shows that Obama will continue to have a difficult time getting votes in Appalachia. SUSA reports that in eastern Kentucky Clinton has a 4-1 edge."

One of Clinton's ongoing premises is that Obama is unelectable because he hasn't been winning the working class white vote in states he will have to win in November: Ohio and Pennsylvania. The obvious, frequently made counterargument is that his performance against Clinton is not necessarily predictive of his performance against McCain, but still, those are some pretty strong numbers.



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