Thursday, January 17, 2008

Islamic University Dress

In the sort of move that can only radicalize the average devout Muslim, Tajikistan is banning Islamic dress at Islamic universities:
"Less than a year after he effectively eliminated Islamic-style head scarves in public schools, Abdujabbor Rahmonov has ordered male students at the Islamic University of Tajikistan to don suits and ties and shave their beards, and he has vowed to introduce teacher uniforms there and ban the head scarves, known as hijab.

"It is the latest indication of the balancing act confronting Tajik officials who are outwardly keen to discourage unsanctioned religious practice from getting a foothold. That effort has included the closing and even bulldozing of 'illegal' mosques and testing of imams to demonstrate their fitness to lead congregations.

"Speaking in the Tajik capital on January 11, Rahmonov said Tajik traditional cloting -- a dress reaching below the knee, worn with pants -- is modest enough to wear at Islamic schools and during prayers, and does not violate Islamic guidelines.

"He then ordered male students at the Islamic University to shave their beards and wear suits and ties to classes. Rahmonov also announced that a special uniform would soon be introduced for teachers at the school."



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