Friday, August 03, 2007

Another Example

Tajikistan has announced new licensing requirements for imams:
"The head of the Dushanbe municipal Department for Religious Affairs, Shamsiddin Nuriddinov, announced on August 2 that new requirements for the licensing of Islamic leaders, or imams, of local mosques will be imposed, including a new review process overseen by the Tajik Council of Ulemas (Islamic scholars), according to the Avesta website. Nuriddinov explained that a new 'appraisal commission' will be formed to supervise the process and is to be comprised of representatives from the Council of Ulemas, as well as 'prosecution bodies and law-enforcement agencies.' Speaking to journalists in Dushanbe, an official of the Council of Ulemas, Qobiljon Boev, added that the formation of the appraisal commission, which 'may start its activities in the coming days,' follows a number of public complaints over 'the illiteracy' of Islamic leaders in the city. The move is also the first such state effort directly to supervise the selection and work of Islamic leaders in Tajikistan."



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