Thursday, April 19, 2007

Akiyev and Bakiyev

According to Erica Marat, Kurmanbek Bakiyev's supporters in Parliament are all followers of ousted President Askar Akiyev:
"More than one-third of the parliament is supporting the president and prefers to postpone any constitutional reform. They refuse to consider restructuring as long as the opposition demonstrations last. The increasing divides between pro-presidential and opposition MPs led to a fistfight among some legislators on April 16. Most pro-presidential MPs are opportunists who have demonstrated that they are concerned more with their mandates than with political principles. In the contentious February-March 2005 parliamentary elections, they won their seats thanks to their membership in the Alga Kyrgyzstan political party led by Bermet Akayeva, daughter of former president Askar Akayev. In effect, these parliamentarians are the core political force that still openly supports Bakiyev. According to Bely parohod, some of the pro-presidential MPs have already lost the support of their constituents."

In other words, the people who followed the guy who got turned out in the Tulip Revolution are the main support for the current regime. I do wonder if there's a bit more to it, as I thought most of the Parliament was elected in March 2005, and that Akiyev's block got a majority at that time, though I could be wrong. In either case, this is clearly a situation in which democratic reform is (hopefully) produced through self-interested manipulations of the system by competing factions rather than a broad idealism among the country's most influential figures.



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