Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tartman's CV

Did Esterina Tartman lie about her educational background?
"Meanwhile, concerns were raised within Yisrael Beiteinu over allegations published Tuesday in Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, which indicated that Tartman had lied about her educational background.

"In an interview this week to the Knesset television channel, Tartman stated that she held a master's degree in business administration.

"Yedioth noted that on the official Yisrael Beiteinu Web site, Tartman's biography listed her as having a 'Master's degree in economics and marketing from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.'

"In response to queries from the media, which found that her graduate education was limited to several courses in a college that does not grant advanced degrees, the site entry was changed to read 'Business administration Master's degree studies.'"

Meanwhile, she's also spelled out some of her views in more detail:
"In the Tuesday interview, Tartman was also asked about her stance with regard to Israeli Arabs. Earlier Tuesday, the Knesset Ethics Committee decided against taking any action against Tartman for a January statement in which she called the appointment of Muslim Arab MK Raleb Majadele to the post of minister as 'a lethal blow to Zionism,' and said 'we must destroy the affliction within us, with God's help, the Holy One blessed be He will help us.'

"Tartman said Tuesday that 'Any citizen who is not loyal to the idea of a Jewish state, his citizenship should be rescinded.'

"She said she opposed the idea of expelling citizens, whether Arabs or ultra-Orthodox Jews - who refuse to sign a loyalty declaration, rather 'to turn their status into one of a resident, without the right to vote or to run for office.'

"According to Tartman, Arabs and ultra-Orthodox Jews who do not perform IDF service would be required to do a form of national service."


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