Friday, February 23, 2007

Israeli Affairs

Today at American Footprints, I comment on news that the United States is strong-arming Israel into a diplomatic freeze with Syria. Meanwhile, on a related diplomatic front, EU President and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has reaffirmed that any new Palestinian government must recognize Israel. I understand Israel's position on this issue, as they don't want to be making deals with a political entity if a change in government therein can simply mean they're no longer relevant. During the late 1990's, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have tried to sabotage the Oslo Accords, but he publicly adhered to them. Hamas can try to find ways to take a stronger line on Israel, but they can't just ignore that has already been done. I think, however, that the Mecca compromise agreement should be seized as grounds to end most sanctions on the Palestinian territories so people there can, you know, eat and stuff.


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