Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lebanon's Implications

I've been quietly fearing that blowback from Israel's war in Lebanon would finally push the American position in Iraq into it's worst-case scenario, and that a weakened or even failed state in Lebanon would lead to an enhancement of al-Qaeda influence there which already seems to exist. These fears worsened with reports of Southeast Asian jihadis poised to use Lebanon as a networking ground. What I hadn't considered yet was the possibility of its weakening our already tipsy position in Afghanistan.

What's scary is that the Bush administration has been so supportive of Israel doing whatever it wants regardless of the war's damaging implications for virtually every major aspect of American foreign policy. Sometimes you just have to stop and take in the fact that they really do appear to be dangerously clueless.

If you feel like Bush's presidency has resembled an Edgar Allen Poe story, you're not alone. I'm going to go hide in the 7th century for awhile.

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