Saturday, July 22, 2006

Kramer on the Crisis

Martin Kramer has some comments from an interview he did about the current war between Israel and Lebanon. He agrees with Juan Cole on Hizbullah's megalomania and the idea that they might have started believing their own propaganda. I figure if those two are on the same side, there might be something to it. He also arrives at the same conclusion I have about the (lack of) probable Iranian involvement, and about the Iranian links explaining President Bush's strong pro-war stance. Syria is unmentioned. He has some other comments which I would address if I had time - read the whole post and see what you think. His comparison between Islamism and Arab nationalism is intriguing considering the support I've seen for Hizbullah from Arab nationalist sources. I don't, however, think Israel needs or can even get another Six Day War out of this. Given the fact they're still stuck with the problems from the aftermath of the last one, I'm not sure they should even want to.


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