Friday, July 21, 2006

This Ugly War

Eugene has what may be the straight of the reports that Hizbullah is preventing people from evacuating with this post indicating that people are unable to leave a certain village because Hizbullah has taken up positions around it:
"I've also received an independant confirmation from another reader, regarding a previous post: 'I can confirm this report also. A Lebanese friend has told me that family members are trapped in a village close to the border and are being prevented from leaving by Hizbollah fighters who are setting up rocket positions around the village. Her uncles' words were 'we are waiting for death'. They are terrified of retaliatory Israeli strikes, but can do nothing when threatened by armed guerillas.'"

Another knock against Hizbullah is noted by Doha at The Lebanese Bloggers, who claims that Nasrallah is not accepting the authority of Prime Minister Seniora to negotiate a ceasefire. This isn't really surprising, but should shake those who want to see the Hizbullah leader as a hero. He participates in the national government, but only when it suits him and on his own terms.

Lebanese sources believe Israel's ultimate goal is to drain the civilian population of southern Lebanon, leaving the Hizbullah fighters out on their own. It's a cliche to say the civilians get caught in the middle during times of war, but in this one they've actually become part of the terrain which both sides are trying to manipulate to their own advantage.

Angry Arab says that in Beirut, the old sectarian militias are coming out to provide security. There may be more than just Hizbullah to disarm when this is over.


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