Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Notes

The CEIP's most recent Arab Reform Bulletin focuses on Islamist groups in government. Among the articles was this one on Hamas caused me to realize the interesting point that the key to Hamas's political victory was an end to Fatah corruption, which would translate in practical terms to more financial benefits reaching the people. However, the foreign situation prevents Hamas from getting much funding at all. I've been skeptical that they will moderate their position towards Israel, but this may indicate a way it could happen.

IWPR reports on the disappearance of a medieval Armenian cemetery in Azerbaijan. It seems difficult to explain this as anything other than an attempt by Azerbaijan to eliminate potential Armenian cultural claims on its territory.

Finally, the United Arab Emirates has announced plans to construct upgraded housing for guest workers. However, this doesn't address the root issue, which is one of legal rights. This is just a ploy to take off some of the pressure from the recent protests and public scrutiny.

UPDATE: Oh, yes. The Jerusalem District Court has ruled that there is a Palestinian state. Will British Airways be next?


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