Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Free Health Care

I read about Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero's visit to Melilla thinking it might be an occasion to post on migrant issues or the disputed nature of the two Spanisn enclaves in North Africa. Then I read this paragraph:
"But Morocco has limited its protest because relations with Spain are improving and because Ceuta and Melilla provide valuable services, such as a vibrant trade in contraband and free medical care, to surrounding Moroccan towns. Moroccan women account for half of all births in Melilla, for example. Local residents complain that all the beds in Melilla's only hospital are taken up by Moroccans who do not pay social security. During his visit, Mr Zapatero promised the government would build a new hospital for Melilla."

Spain is providing Moroccan towns with free medical care? And the proposed solution to the resulting pressure on the health care system is to build a new hospital? I'd limit my protests, too.


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