Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Quiz Bowl

I occasionally post Wisconsin high school quiz bowl results here, and am a contract writer and current events editor for National Academic Quiz Tournaments. Today, I finally saw Greg Lindsay's article on quiz bowl for something called The Black Table. It was an interesting piece which quiz bowl players and fans in my readership should check out. One personal blast from the past was learning that back in the day both Lindsay's Illinois team and my own Quincy University crew had the same nickname for NAQT President Rob Hentzel:
"There was a link on the site to a video clip of the impending tournament's announcement. In the clip, three people are seated at a table with buzzers set before them. Hentzel is on the far right right, in a white shirt, repp tie, and wearing his glasses. Back in college, when he was the captain of Iowa State's team and I was on Illinois; I thought he looked a bit like Jesus. It was just his beard and the placidity of his blue eyes, not to mention his habit of wearing shorts and sandals no matter the weather. But he's filled out a bit since then, and his impish sense of humor -- understandable only by those with IQs of 140 and above -- is pushed aside by an amateur gravitas when he's operating in a presidential capacity. In Chicago, he wore a boxy navy blue suit that stood out as several degrees more formal than the prevailing dress code, and some of its stiffness bled into his manner as master of ceremonies. I could tell immediately when watching the clip that this was the mode he was in here."


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