Thursday, September 25, 2003

Wisconsin State Quarter

Via Dwight Kidder I see we in Wisconsin are being asked to vote on the design for our state quarter. I'm leaning toward the scenic one. The heritage quarter talks about trading between Native Americans and white settlers; however, if I remember correctly, white settlers did a bunch of other things with the Native Americans than trade with them, most of them bad. On the other hand, the quarter design could also function as an ideal "mission statement" or something. Somehow the agricultural one just looks rather boring, though I'm definitely a cheese fan. Overall, though, we've had too many historically or economically themed quarters, and while I'm expecting more scenery as we get out west, the scenic Wisconsin design includes images which to me reflect both heritage and economics, from the agricultural lands to the woodlands which once covered the entire state.

I wonder if the fish is a carniverous snakehead fish.


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