Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Where Am I?

As you may have guessed from the lack of posts, it's been a busy couple of days, and today will also be packed. For different reasons, I'm also feeling psychologically tied in knots, though it's nothing I can really blog about. I will say the thing I hate most about graduate school is the uncertainty...there are very few jobs in the real world where you can't sit around and say for sure what country you are going to be in next year, for example. But things will get better. They always do...

I'm actually in full work mode until tomorrow night. Wednesday's have become my mid-week down time, mainly due to the TV schedule. Wednesday night baseball should have the big Marlins-Phillies game, which will help decide the NL Wild Card race. Enterprise, which I stopped watching regularly last year, has started to actually intrigue me, with the discovery of this Death Star-like sphere and the Xindi database they were downloading when the episode ended. The preview for this week looks like it could go either way. And The West Wing will have its season premiere: At the end of last season, there were some terrorists on the loose and the President's daughter had been kidnapped, after which he decided to invoke the 25th Amendment, which in the absence of a Vice President caused the Republican Speaker of the House (portrayed by John Goodman) to become Acting President. Via Craig Barker I see producers want to have a more bipartisan perspective, so maybe this is part of that. It's definitely interesting television.

And now, I should do some real work...


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