Thursday, August 07, 2003

Jordanian Embassy Bombing

I've been waiting for more details to emerge about the Jordanian Embassy bombing in Baghdad, but none really have. I'd been expecting some form of terrorist attack for awhile, but was a little surprised by the target. In retrospect, I no longer am: Jordan was an Arab country which supported the U.S. against Saddam, and this was pretty clearly a strike against what either a Muslim fundamentalist or Arab nationalist would see as a collaborating government. Unfortunately, this was more complex that just a grenade attack or random shooting, and probably shows that some of the resistance is becoming more organized.
UPDATE: According to this New York Times article, after the blast, Iraqis stormed the building angry over Jordan's decision to grant asylum to Saddam Hussein's daughters, fueling speculation that the bombing might have been revenge for that. The embassy had received a bomb threat, the contents of which remains unreported. All of this would, of course, put a new spin on things.


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