Sunday, July 06, 2003

As reported by this New York Times article, General Richard B. Myers has said that armed opposition to the U.S. in Iraq is mainly limited to a small area around Baghdad and coming from five groups: Ba'ath remnants, Ansar al-Islam, criminals, Sunni extremists, and foreign fighters. I'd feel better if he'd mentioned the situation among tribal groups which had benefitted from Saddam's rule. this RFE-RL report from last month tells of at least one tribe in the Ramadi area that tried (and failed) to get other tribes to join them in a revolution against the U.S. Maybe Myers is including them under Ba'ath remnants. Still, I think this peace is going to be won or lost politically, and that means the Shi'ite and Kurdish areas continue to bear watching. The Times also raised the possibility of cooperation between Washington and Shi'ite religious leaders. Some of us have been suggesting that for months...


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