Wednesday, June 04, 2003

OK, so I'm a bit distracted at the moment because the latest health care proposal on the TA/PA contracts would take a serious bite out of my budget, which of course comes on top of the fact I don't actually know if my job will exist a month from now, though the signs are encouraging. All well...if it goes through, there are a few ways I could weather it, it's just the uncertainty of it all.

I'd been saving some comments on the state of the Middle East peace process to make following today's summit. Jonathan Edelstein, however, is saying pretty much what I would with much greater eloquence. So go read it - I may say more tomorrow.

Incidentally, I have decided I will not get into the gutter replying to people advocating the form of ethnic cleansing known as "population transfer." If someone started advocating a "push all the Jews into the sea" route I wouldn't give them the dignity of serious debate, so I shouldn't be showing respect for the Israeli extremists, either.

A UN court investigating war crimes in Sierra Leone has indicted Liberian President Charles Taylor, saying he "bore the greatest responsibility" for events in the ravaged African nation. Taylor, who worked as a gas station attendant in Boston before becoming a dictator, has also been linked to al-Qaeda.


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