Thursday, April 17, 2003

The Wisconsin State Championship Quiz Bowl Tournament seems to be snaping up rather well, though if we get three more teams we could have a problem. Leo can't help now, and Jordan's still uncertain, but if no one else pulls out, we have enough moderators to go around. I don't feel stressed at all...I guess looking back the fall tournament happened around a bunch of other stressful stuff, and then Elvis had its own issues, so here I can just focus and get things done.

I have some mixed feelings about the end of my playing career, but it is really time to go. I miss way too much stuff I knew two years ago, and I simply won't be taking the time to go back and re-acquire the knowledge. I may pull a David Cone in a few years before finishing my Ph.D., but until then it's the masters circuit for me. I'm not even enthused about Mad City Masters, especially since I can't seem to find anyone else interested in contributing. Though paradoxically I might play Chicago Open, or TTGTE if it actually happens.


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