Friday, April 11, 2003

Well, I almost died last night, I think. I was out driving, when I came to an intersection where the stoplight was blinking, as they do when they're not working. I stopped; seeing no cars, I went ahead. Suddenly I hear this whistle, and glancing I see a train coming at me. I hit the gas and make it across, rather terrified, to the point where I paused briefly to collect myself. Because I remember seeing cars in the rearview mirror after I was across, it must not have been quite as close as it seemed, but still I spent the rest of the evening thinking anyone who wanted to criticize my driving most certainly could. Though today it occurs to me my error was primarily one of negligence in not looking at the train tracks carefully as well as the street, as there was no railroad signal, nor was there the clanging noise. I still remember how eerily quier everything seemed. But still, yeesh!!!!

I finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and now feel like casting magic spells. I've already checked the best way to get the second book. Guess one thing that will appear on my Recommended Reading list this spring!

I've also been dipping into the world of Farscape, after Jordan told me they were rerunning the series from the beginning. I've seen small bits of episodes that looked cool, and sat through most of two whole episodes that bored me to tears. Last night I finally had a whole episode that appeared cool. I think the show will rank above Stargate, about on the same level as the early Sliders, but I could be wrong. Meanwhile, they're also rerunning Babylon 5 - at 8 a.m.! I'm going to start setting my VCR next week, though the first season is kind of bland.

NHL play-offs tonight - upset city is in the world. I would have picked the Wild against Vancouver - glad to see them up on the Avalanche. Martin and I share joint glee that Anahiem beat Detroit. I BLEED BLUE!!!


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