Tuesday, April 29, 2003

The United States has come to a cease-fire agreement with the Mujahadeen-e Khalq, the terrorist group most linked to Saddam Hussein. Saddam used it as a tool against Iran, the government of which they seek to depose, and now the U.S. appears to be doing the same thing. Originally a Marxist-Islamist group opposing the Pahlavi dynasty, their ideology changes a lot, and they have in recent years sought to reinvent themselves as campaigning for capitalism and democracy. Under the agreement, the MEK will keep its weapons and be permitted to use force against Iranian interests in Iraq. So the global "War on Terror" crowd are now willing to employ terrorists they like. This move, together with Iran's highly understandable claim that the U.S. has done more "meddling" in Iraq recently than they have and the fact that while the U.S. talks about rebuilding Afghanistan Iran is actually doing it will all hurt the U.S. in the battle for public opinion in the Middle East. But as I've keep saying, I have more thoughts on the Iranian situation than I have time to go into here.

By the way, with the airing of "A Voice in the Wilderness,", Babylon 5 has officially hit its stride. Yay!


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