Saturday, April 26, 2003

Today, Conserve A won the NAQT Wisconsin State Quiz Bowl Championship, with Rufus King taking second place. We had a double elimination play-off, and Rufus King emerged from the winners bracket, but had to leave early to catch a plane, and thus forfeited the championship to whomever emerged from the losing side. Conserve A looked dominant before their loss to Rufus King, but after dispatching Madison Memorial was down by about 100 with 6 questions left. They came back to tie, and then won the three-question overtime 30 to negative 10. Congrats to Conserve A!

A few brief notes on events I've raised here previously...not only is Sharon not responding to the suicide bombing of a couple days ago, but his defense minister is holding a meeting on how to go about disbanding settlements. Either one or two Americans was killed in combat in southern Afghanistan, as well, while President Karzai has promised to make public a list of high-ranking Taliban officials whom he claims Pakistan is sheltering while they launch attacks on Afghan soil. I'll probably have more to say once I've caught up...for now, I need to finish the stats work from today that didn't get done so I can report it to NAQT.


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