Saturday, November 09, 2013

Doha 2022 or Bust!

For a variety of reasons, people have called the 2022 World Cup to be moved from Qatar, but FIFA's president says that isn't happening:
FIFA President Sepp Blatter has said that the decision to award the the 2022 World Cup to Qatar is "not reversible''...
Blatter also ruled out any possibility that Qatar could co-host the tournament with neighbouring countries...
He explained that more consultations were needed ahead of moving the 2022 World Cup away from the blistering summer heat of the Gulf to the winter months...
Blatter said he was confident of resolving all issues with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar that has come under criticism by rights groups over conditions for workers building the venues.
He said he plans high-level meetings with Qatari officials on various issues, including labour rules.



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