Monday, November 04, 2013

Israel Raises Marriage Age

By a 55-11 vote, Israel's legislature raised the national marriage age to 18 years, over the objections of Haredi MK's who had some interesting ideas about the country's real relationship problems:
Following a fiery debate, the Knesset raised the legal marriage age from 17 to 18 on Monday. The bill, initiated by a group of Knesset members from across the political spectrum, was meant to fight the early betrothal customary in certain sectors, where minors are wed under familiar and community pressures...
During the Knesset debate preceding the vote, Haredi MKs voiced their ire with the bill and accused its initiators of close-mindedness: "This Knesset, which presumes to be open and innovative, will outlaw two youngsters to marry at 17," said MK Eichler.
"Is this open-mindedness? In a world where almost everything is allowed, you can't raise a house and family?" Eichler suggested that if in certain cases there are concerns a girl was married against her will, it can be put into law that a social worker will recommend not to allow the marriage. 
MK Nisim Zeev also took the podium and took a provocative stance: "If you want to fight something, fight the phenomenon of Arab men who date Jewish women. This is far more worrying than a couple who wish to build a home in Israel." 



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