Saturday, September 14, 2013

Chinese in Uzbekistan

China's growing footprint in Central Asia is causing an increase in Uzbeks studying Chinese:
Central Asia's first Confucius Institute -- dedicated to promoting Chinese language and culture worldwide – was established in Tashkent in 2005...
As the institute prepares to open a second Uzbek branch, many local universities and schools are adding Chinese to their curriculum.
In Tashkent alone at least three major universities -- the School of Oriental Studies, the School of World Economy and Diplomacy, and the World Languages University -- offer extensive classes on Chinese language and culture...
China's official Xinhua news agency quotes the Chinese consul to Tashkent, Wang Kaixuan, as saying that more than 410 Chinese companies have been registered in Uzbekistan...
China ranks as Uzbekistan's largest foreign investor (accounting for just over 35 percent of foreign direct investment), and it is the Central Asian country's second largest trade partner, with trade expected to reach nearly $4 billion this year.



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