Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hanegbi's Revolt

I don't have any particular insight or expertise about this, but Israeli politics continues to fascinate:
"The Kadima faction is expected to split, if not today then by the end of the week, with former minister Tzachi Hanegbi leading efforts to convince at least seven Kadima MKs to break off and rejoin the coalition...
"A senior legal expert said yesterday that under the Basic Law: The Government, Hanegbi could serve as a minister in the current government - even though he was forced to resign his Knesset seat some two years ago due to his perjury conviction, which the court said reflected moral turpitude. He was not sentenced to prison, however, and the moral turpitude issue is not mentioned in that basic law...
"Meanwhile, several Kadima MKs who were considered supporters of former party chair Tzipi Livni have been holding their own discussions about breaking off. One idea is to join the more right-wing Kadima deserters as a first step, and later to look for places in more left-wing parties."
Kadima began as a vehicle for Ariel Sharon and his Gaza disengagement, and Ehud Olmert only led it to victory in 2006 because of the timing of Sharon's coma.  It doesn't look like it will survive much longer than Shinui, a secular centrist party of yore.  Its dissolution could, however, bring a Labor comeback somewhat closer.



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