Saturday, July 21, 2012

Christians Against Assad

The Economist reports that Christians increasingly sympathize with Syria's rebels:
"Amounting to about 10% of the country’s 23m people, Syria’s Christians increasingly, if still often privately, express sympathy for the opposition. In battered cities, behind closed doors in living rooms cluttered with statues of the Virgin Mary, many grumble about the bloody crackdown. Christians and Muslims often attend funerals together for the victims of government violence, such as Basil Shehadeh, a young Christian film-maker recently killed in Homs, Syria’s third city. Christians are well represented in the political opposition. The Syrian National Council, a group mainly of exiles, includes several. The 'local co-ordination committees', as activists’ cells are known, contain numerous Christians. A church-based group ferries medicine around the country to help the victims of repression."
The magazine notes that the actual rebel forces are still dominated by Sunni Muslims, but also says that sectarian animosity is directed primarily at the Alawis.



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