Monday, June 11, 2012

Renewed Oman Protests?

Omani authorities are arresting dissidents as protests may be on the rise over unkept promises of reform:
"Protests inspired by Arab Spring uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt erupted in various parts of Oman last year demanding jobs and an end to corruption. Security forces moved against the protests, which ended after promises of reforms. Omani activists say only a handful of the promised reforms has been realised.
"Salim Al Tuwayyah, a blogger who also works at a local newspaper, said anger was rising over what people see as the government’s failure to deliver on promises for better living conditions...
"A series of labour strikes has gripped the Gulf Arab sultanate, a small oil producer which sits on the strategic Strait of Hormuz where a third of the world’s seaborne oil exports pass.
"Omani media have reported that workers have walked out in recent weeks in the oil, health and education sectors to press for better pay and living conditions.
"Authorities last month detained three activists visiting a desert oil field to document a protest, Omani media reported. The strike was later resolved by the intervention of Oman’s consultative Shura Council."



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