Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bahrain's Ongoing Struggle

I've been reading snippets that Bahrain's protest movement is still alive outside the capital. I'll try to blog about these more frequently, but for the moment I'm haunted by a former student's meeting with her imprisoned husband:
"I had expected that Wafi like others had been tortured, but hearing it come from his mouth really hurts much more, it makes it real." #

"Wafi told us today abt wen he was detained underground at fort. He was tortured so badly he coudnt stand for days. He had to crawl." #

"Wafi said he urinated blood for weeks, and was hospitalized for 4 days after severe torture. #

"He says those 4 days in the hospital, every night at 12 police would come in throw them of their beds and beat them badly." #

"He said he was electrocuted not only at the fort but also when he was brought to Dry Dock." #

"After saying hello Wafi gave me a heart he had made out of colored strings with our initials inside. He said "Happy Anniversary" #

"Wafi also made a little necklace out of strings for Jude, with the letter "J" and gave it to her." #

Pictures are here and here.



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