Saturday, August 20, 2011

SUTV Emmy Nomination

Congratulations to Shippensburg University's student-run TV station's newscast for receiving an Emmy nomination:
"SUTV was nominated in the College Production — Newscast category. Also nominated in that category was Temple University. According to the NATAS website, this category is for outstanding achievement in a regularly scheduled newscast with entries to be judged on such areas as overall content, presentation, enterprise, writing and format.

"The program entered was broadcast March 31. According to the program description: 'SUTV’s Bubba Smith reports from Harrisburg on students' rally protesting the governor's proposed education cuts, an SUTV News/The Slate Newspaper exclusive with President William Ruud about the imminent tuition increases, Lucas Martin reports from the bus taking students to the rally in Harrisburg, and Rachel Snody explains how Facebook was a valuble resource in organizing the rally. Also, Casey Piell's forecast, Steph Horvat reports on professor's involvement with Peace Corps and the stories they share, Mariana Boguski's and Jim Gallagher's sports, how fake $10 bills have been found around town, and Anna Kerstetter takes us behind the scenes of Shippensburg's latest theatrical production.'"

What's funny about this is that I'm pretty sure that was the newscast for which they interviewed me on Libya, though I got bumped from the actual broadcast.

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