Thursday, March 31, 2011

MLB 2011 Predictions

NL East

Atlanta (Wild Card)
New York

There is a case to be made for Atlanta winning this division, but the Phillies have proven they can overcome the type of adversity people are expecting, and the stamina and professionalism of their pitching staff will overcome a weaker offense. Atlanta, however, will win the wild card.

NL Central

St. Louis

Milwaukee has finally put some starters alongside a great offense. I'm concerned about the bullpen, but this is a better team than won the 2008 Wild Card. I'm expecting sophomore slumps from Cincinnati's pitching staff. If everything on their own team happens like the Cubs hope it will, they will win this division as they did two years ago, but I'm guessing that won't happen until next year.

NL West

San Francisco
San Diego
Los Angeles

The Giants are developing a strong young offense to produce runs for a pitching staff that equals or surpasses the Phillies'. Given that, I can see them not just winning the division, but am picking them to return to the World Series as NL champions.

AL East

Tampa Bay
New York

Even if Boston were to suffer the same level of injury horror they did last year, Crawford and Gonzalez will make up for it. This team will win the World Series. The Rays still have parts to plug in, which will keep them ahead of the aging but still dangerous Yankees.

AL Central

Minnesota (Wild Card)
Kansas City

The White Sox have put together complete packages on both offense and at the plate, and represent Boston's biggest competition for the pennant. Minnesota is, as usual, stronger than people think. What pushes me into picking them for the Wild Card is that with the unbalanced schedule, improvements in Toronto and Baltimore will hold back Tampa Bay and potentially the Yankees.

AL West

Los Angeles

Oakland is following the San Francisco blueprint, but isn't quite there yet. I'm not fully sold on Texas's pitching staff, but it got them by last year, and they can prop it up through trades.



Blogger A. Marquis Fitzgerald said...

That's a very bold prediction in the AL East. Yankees -- the eventual wild card winners in the AL East -- drew first blood today against a good Detroit team. You're right about Boston winning the East, but they won't win the World series (or even make it there). The White Sox in the central and I've got the A's in the west (although the Angels will make it exciting).

In the NL, Phillies, Cardinals, Giants and Brewers in the wild card.

4:17 PM  

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