Monday, March 19, 2007

The War With No Name

Only Israel could be drowning in bureaucracy over what to call a war:
"The proposals currently in place for the war's official name include the 'Peace in the North' and 'Northern Shield War,' and 'The Second War in Lebanon.'

"The decision on the name, which was expected to be reached during the meeting on Monday, has been postponed due to the opposition of legal advisers over the proposal 'The Second War in Lebanon,' since the first conflict in Lebanon was actually defined as an operation.

"According to Edrey, the legal and economic ramifications of defining the conflict as a war are not significant because the government is already paying compensation to businesses in the north.

"On Sunday, the second committee dealing with a name for the conflict held its first meeting. The committee, a public panel was appointed by Defense Minister Amir Peretz, is working on the assumption that the term war should not be used, and instead it should be called an operation. According to Edrey, the two committees are coordinating on the issue."

Has anyone thought about the "Hizbullah War?"



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