Friday, March 16, 2007

Beck and Clinton

Garance Franke-Ruta makes a good point about CNN's Glenn Beck's comments on Hillary Clinton:
"When Ann Coulter called heterosexual John Edwards a "faggot," the blogs erupted. But when someone calls the Democratic front-runner, who is female, a "bitch," we get total radio silence. This makes me think my nightmare Democratic scenario may yet come true. Hillary could win the nomination, but be so damaged from a steady stream of misogynist attacks like this -- which the male activists of her party will agree with too much to fight back against -- that she will go down in flames...And believe you me -- no party that can't stand up for the honor of a woman who has been publicly insulted is going to be judged capable of standing up to terrorists, no matter how masculine its nominee may be."

I'm suspended between Richardson and Obama with Senator Clinton far down the list, but I will say Beck was way out of line, and Franke-Ruta's point at the end, while perhaps grounded in a very traditional chivalry, will reflect the perceptions of most Americans.


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