Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mahmood's Den, et al

Bahrain is the site of more web censorship:
"Bahrain has blocked several websites for violating a reporting ban in the case of a government adviser who was deported after alleging election irregularities.

"Authorities imposed a ban on publishing information about the case of the adviser, British citizen Salah Al Bander, who was sacked and deported to Britain in September for what a minister said was an attempt to foment civil strife in the country.

"The case, known as Bandergate, initially made headlines in the country which is due to hold parliamentary and municipal elections on November 25. Officials say the reporting ban was imposed to ensure an impartial investigation."

For background to the Bandergate scandal, see Blake Hounshell at TAPPED.

You can sign a petition on Mahmood's behalf here.


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