Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What the Election's About

DemFromCT knows what the election is about for him/her:
"But somewhere between the NIE, Woodward's book, and the violence in Iraq, American voters realized the price our children are paying for Republican loyalty to Bush's pigheaded policies. it's not that others aren't dying at astounding rates, but in one week, the voters are going to be thinking about their kids, their neighbor's kids and the kids down the block.

"They're going to consider the meaning of waiting until after the election to unveil the Iraq Study Group recommendations (like the House Ethics Committee report, we can't let facts influence the election - that's far too political). They're going to think about how many lives are wasted because politics trump everything. And when they consider the facts, the circumstance, and what little they can do about it, they are going to show up at the polls. And when they do, they are not going to vote Republican."

That's fine, but let's also note something else people will remember in the long run of American history. As Josh Marshall notes:
"Let's not mince words: President Bush is a profound threat to the US constitution...His contempt for the rule of law needs to be ended.

The quote goes with an October 6 post about another incident in which our own Iblis Ginjo announces he will ignore a law even as he signs it. No wonder he never vetoes anything except stem cell research.


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