Friday, August 18, 2006

Hizbullah as Heroes

Praktike posts about an Egyptian newspaper giving away free posters of Hassan Nasrallah, while Egypt's Youth for Change are organizing a solidarity demo with Hizbullah. What, exactly, did Hizbullah do? While Israel clearly lost the war, all that means is that Hizbullah continues to exist. It's rocket attacks on Israel were probably a war crime and accomplished nothing for Lebanon, simply giving Israel cover for their military operation against it. The only militarily useful things they did came during the Israeli ground campaign, and the IDF still reached the Litani River. Now the Youth for Change is siding with Nasrallah on disarmament. What if Lebanon's democratically elected government, of which Hizbullah is only one part, has a different perspective? Arab nationalists need to determine where democracy and fighting Israel fall in terms of their relative priority.


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